Apple CEO Steve Jobs said in January that 2005 would be the year of HD and Apple is continuing to place emphasis on that claim at NAB, the World's largest electronics media show taking place in Las Vegas this week.

The company claims to be "continuing to lead the industry in the adoption of HD video" as it demonstrates its complete HD video production and playback platform at NAB.

Apple VP of applications marketing Rob Schoeben told MacCentral: "We are leading the charge. Many people looked at HD support in iMovie this year and said, 'that's a little ahead of its time,' and the reality is, they are absolutely right. But, now the moment it [HD] takes off, every Macintosh is ready."

He added that Apple's consumer and professional product strategy is going full force behind its belief that 2005 is the year of HD, and, he maintains, it's not just the movie products that the company is looking at.

"We are not just talking about HD in Final Cut Pro - it's a complete solution," said Schoeben.

Industry first

Being showcased at NAB are soon-to-launch Mac OS X version 10.4 Tiger with QuickTime 7, which supports the H.264 codec, and Final Cut Studio: "the ultimate HD video production suite", according to the company.

Apple’s senior VP of worldwide product marketing Philip Schiller said: "With H.264 at the core of Tiger and the launch of Final Cut Studio, we’ve created the industry’s first completely integrated platform to capture, edit, playback and burn high definition video."


QuickTime 7, featuring the H.264 codec, allows users to playback pristine quality high definition video on today’s computers with no additional hardware. The H.264 standard has been adopted by both the DVD Forum and Blu-ray Disc Association for the next generation of high capacity, high definition DVDs.

Final Cut Studio is Apple’s ultimate HD video production suite. It centres around Final Cut Pro 5, a major upgrade to the editing software for DV, SD, HD and film. Final Cut Studio includes Final Cut Pro 5, Soundtrack Pro, Motion 2, and DVD Studio Pro 4.

Apple VP of applications marketing Rob Schoeben said: "The arrival of Final Cut Studio ushers in a new era of high definition video production that relies on effortless integration of video, audio and effects to elevate production values. Final Cut Studio allows producers to edit in a broad range of HD formats, add stunning motion graphics, sculpt the perfect soundtrack and burn their projects to high def DVDs.”