UK software developer Square Box Systems is previewing CatDV Pro 3.0, the multi-user version of its media cataloguing and video-logging utility for DV.

The software lets video editors and producers capture and log material at the end of a day's shoot, adding comments and annotations to the log. Archived material from previous projects is stored in a shared database that can be searched by any member of the production team.

The user interface is based on a thumbnail catalogue of clips – each clip corresponding to a scene or other segment of a captured-movie file. Thumbnails can be annotated. The solution also creates and manages low-resolution preview movies to use when the original video material is off-line.

CatDV understands Edit Decision List (EDL) and batch-list data imported from video-editing applications. This means the application can create a cuts-only preview of a movie. Alternatively, once clips of interest for a project have been selected, a batch-capture log of that material can be exported, allowing it to be recaptured and worked on in an external non-linear editing application, such as Final Cut Pro.

To facilitate logging CatDV Pro will automatically scan and split footage into its original separate scenes. This is done through the Live Capture feature – DV fottage is scanned, clips from each scene are created, and low-res previews are captured directly from deck or video camera.

The application uses a client-server architecture. It holds a central shared-database of clips and logging information. Client computers can work offline, updating the shared database later.

CatDV Pro Server runs on Mac OS X Server. Other features include an improved search function, and access control settings. The application is expected to ship in the July quarter when final pricing will be announced.