Final Cut Pro 5 is a major update to Apple's award winning professional video editing application.

It features new multicamera editing abilities that support up to 128 cameras and enable editors to simultaneously view and cut from multiple sources in real time.

The application lets users edit DV and SD material, as well as DVCPRO HD and fully uncompressed 10-bit high-definition video. It also allows work with new formats like native HDV (long-GOP MPEG2) and 50Mbps IMX.

Real time

Support for real-time effects on fully uncompressed HD video is also added. It is possible to use dynamic RT to maximize real-time performance by automatically adjusting video quality and frame-rate during playback.

Users can also capture and output video accurately using professional decks, or go tapeless with Panasonic P2 media support.

Native HDV support, improved editing tools, scalable real-time effects processing, advanced real-time colour correction and image manipulation filters and audio control surface support, are also included.

Apple VP of applications marketing Rob Schoeben told MacCentral: "What we found from our Final Cut Pro experience is that people have fallen in love with a new way of working that has got as much of a ban on rendering as possible. You have real-time editing, real-time motion graphics and you want your audio to be real-time too - everything follows that theme. It draws a pretty stark contrast to some of the ways they are being asked to work on other platforms with other products."

Final Cut Pro 5 costs £699 as a standalone application, or £279 as an upgrade. It can also be bought as part of the Final Cut Studio suite that costs £899.