Apple is claiming an industry first with its newly released Final Cut Pro HD – the ability to capture, edit and output broadcast-quality high definition (HD) video over a single FireWire cable without additional hardware.

The announcement was one of many from NAB – the Las Vegas-staged National Association of Broadcasters event.

Final Cut Pro HD supports native DVCPRO HD editing with no recompression or image degradation, and enables both SD and HD preview monitoring on an Apple Cinema HD Display, the company claims.

According to Apple, Final Cut Pro HD provides playback of up to four streams of native DVCPRO HD video or when adding an Xserve RAID, up to 10 streams in preview quality. DVCPRO HD also makes media conversion unnecessary, preserving the full quality of the camera original.

The DVCPRO HD editing environment also makes it possible to capture, edit and output broadcast-quality HD video, and the freedom to cut HD video anywhere, even on a PowerBook, says Apple.


Final Cut Pro HD is optimized for Power Mac G5 and Mac OS X 10.3 Panther, and is built on QuickTime technology. It offers integration with other professional applications from Apple, including Motion – its new application for motion graphics production, DVD Studio Pro 3, Shake 3.5, and Logic Pro 6.

Final Cut Pro HD scales smoothly from DV through SD, HD and film and can output to most professional tape formats or encode MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and QuickTime files for DVD, Web, or delivery on 3G devices, says Apple.

It includes non-modal editing and trimming tools; interface customization features; advanced real-time colour correction and image control; and enhanced audio editing capabilities with multi-track audio mixing and multi-channel audio output.

Using RT Extreme, Final Cut Pro HD offers more than 150 render-free filters, effects and transitions. It includes LiveType 1.2 for resolution independent animated titling, Soundtrack 1.2 for loop-based music creation, Compressor 1.2 for HD encoding and Cinema Tools for filmmakers working with 35mm or 16mm film.

Final Cut Pro HD is available immediately to Final Cut Pro 4 users. Final Cut Pro 1, 2, and 3 users can upgrade for £279. New users can pre-order it for £699. Pricing includes VAT.