LaCie has announced plans to produce a combined DVD-R/CD-RW drive. The company plans to ship the drives in June.

Like Apple's SuperDrive, LaCie's FireWire DVD-R/CD-RW combination drive will write to 4.7GB DVD-Rs and 650MB CD-R and CD-RW discs. DVDs authored on the drive are compatible with most consumer DVD players.

It will record to DVD-Rs at 2x speeds and read at 6x. It will write at 8x speeds for CD-Rs or 4x speed for CD-RWs. It will read CDs at 24x. These speeds match Apple's SuperDrive. The company suggests that the drive will cost $999 when it's released in the US.

A SCSI-3 interface option is also available. The unit will ship with three CD-R discs and a copy of Adaptec's Toast for Mac.