UK developer Curious Software is introducing Curious World Maps for the Mac.

This is a software package for map and graphics creation for broadcast, Web and print. The manufacturers say the application is easy to use and customizable.

This is the first time this application has made it to the Mac – it was previously only available for PC.

Global networks Features include a database of major road and rail networks across the globe, and the ability to import local street data and terrain information. The application also permits users to apply satellite imagery directly to maps.

Other features include the ability to create fully textured 3D models to export into other applications, and flexible animatable shape layers. The application can create a "seamless" zoom from the whole world, down to a single building. Curious Software claims that building such an animation takes minutes.

Aine McLean, production manager at the UK's Met Office, said: "Curious World Maps had given us a great deal more flexibility than our previous production method. It has simplified the process of getting great-quality weather maps to air."

The company is launching the application at NAB. UK pricing has not yet been announced.