Alias|Wavefront has announced its Maya 4 family and may ship OS X versions in mid-June.

Three flavours of the professional 3D-animation and visual-effects solution are set to ship – Maya Unlimited 4, Maya Complete 4, and Maya Builder 4. The products are currently only available for the Windows, IRIX and Linux platforms.

Version 4 sees an improved feature-set, that has been expanded to optimise and streamline production workflow. Tools include customizable panel-layouts and toolbar controls. Object placement is also faster, thanks to new functions including lasso select, incremental rotate, and snapping and alignment tools. Quick access to the expanded Paint Effects brushes and the Shader Library help speed work.

The application's rendering ability has been improved, as have its animation technologies. Maya 4 also has a more powerful engine for creating 3D elements in games.

Maya Unlimited 4 is £13,560 and includes Maya Fur, Maya Cloth and advanced-modelling features.

Maya Complete 4 is £6,360 and boasts modelling, rendering, animation, dynamics, Artisan, Paint Effects and MEL, and an open interface for programming and scripting.

Maya Builder 4 costs £2,580 and offers polygon modelling, texturing and animation capabilities for level editors, games-tool programmers, and Web applications.