The US Apple Store is gathering orders for two as-yet unannounced products – the long-awaited DVD Studio Pro 1.5 and a brand new product, Cinema Tools 1.0 for Final Cut Pro.

Despite Apple's lack of announcement the timing of the appearance of the products is significant – one day in advance of the opening of NAB 2002.

Information concerning both new products is available from the US Apple Store; no information is available at this time on Apple's UK store. US Mac news Web site, reports that ($999) DVD Studio Pro 1.5 brings Mac OS X compatibility to the product, as well as better integration with Final Cut Pro.

Cinema Tools 1.0 ($999) is a brand new product from the company. The solution consists of a set of advanced tools for film and HD video. The note on Apple's store reads: “Until now, digital editing tools for film or HD video have been unavailable to those on a limited budget. With Cinema Tools for Final Cut Pro, the functionality of a high-end specialized 24-fps (24P HD Video) editing system is now available on a Power Mac or PowerBook.”

This solution lets Final Cut Pro 3 editors work with all major formats, from OfflineRT, DV, SD uncompressed to HD – and now enables them to finish on film. Other features include the capacity to convert content between film and video.

Apple points out: “For filmmakers, Cinema Tools provides the critical link between the original film negative and computer-based editing on Final Cut Pro. For those interested in HD video, the flexibility of a single computer with Final Cut Pro and Cinema Tools acting as an offline and/or HD finishing system will enable more directors to choose this emerging media standard. Production companies both small and large now have alternatives to editing film in a variety of formats on their choice of hardware, including any FireWire-enabled Mac system running Mac OS X.”