One day before the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) 2002 conference opens (April 6-11), Boris FX has announced Boris Graffiti 2.0 and Continuum Complete, two solutions for video.

Graffiti 2.0 is the latest version of Boris’ vector-based graphics and titling application. It enables the creation of sophisticated animations, such as text on path, with exceptional sharpness. It lets users map text to 3D shapes, and extrude and composite in three dimensions. It also supports the addition of third-party Adobe After Effects filters.

Feature highlights include: Vector Text, which provides razor-sharp clarity at any scale, and exports animations as Flash files; Expanded title animation, which animates both the path shape; and text position for Text on Path over time.

The application includes a number of preset materials (such as gold, aluminium and glass) with an Advanced Materials option for creating custom settings for reflectivity, transparency, and more. Natural Media (wood, and so on) tools are also included.

Other features include compositing tools, audio import and playback, and integration with non-linear editing applications. The application supports OpenGL, and dual processor Macs. AltiVec is also supported. UK pricing isn’t available yet, though the product should reach retail this weekend, costing $495.

Filter-fest Boris Continuum Complete is a package containing over eighty filters for Apple Final Cut Pro 3.0 and Adobe After Effects 5.5. It supports Mac OS X and Windows XP, as well as earlier operating systems on both platforms.

“Boris AE and Boris Continuum are two of the most popular and highly regarded After Effects filter packages,” claimed Boris FX founder and president Boris Yamnitsky. “Boris Continuum Complete combines these two packages, offering ultra-fast blurs, superior keying and matte tools, true optical colour-correction, natural effects and a suite of time-based effects, as well as several new filters, and significant improvements to many existing filters.

“Continuum Complete leverages technology resulting from the joint development of Boris’ Calligraphy product team with the Apple Final Cut Pro development team. This package was designed to work in Final Cut Pro as well as in After Effects from the very start.”

New filters include: Cartooner, Pixel Chooser, and Time Displacement. The product will ship in the second quarter of 2002, costing $695.