Just hours after launching Logic 6.0 Apple was demonstrating elements that will comprise the next generation of the audio-production application.

The unreleased Logic software instruments were demonstrated at the National Association of Music Manufacturers event in California. They included: Sculpture, a component-modelling based synthesizer that generates a broad palette of sounds; UltraBeat, a deep and rich percussion synthesizer; and Guitar Amp, a guitar amplifier simulator that Apple claims "recreates the sounds of the best known guitar amplifiers".

Apple claims Sculpture and UltraBeat “significantly broaden the selection of sounds and integrated rhythms a Logic Pro user has to create with”.

Apple’s vice president of applications marketing Rob Schoeben said: “The next generation of Logic will bring a new level of sophistication to computer-based music production. With Sculpture and UltraBeat, Logic users will have the ability to create more dynamic and expressive sounds than ever before, and with support for enhanced Apple Loops, they’ll have the convenience and flexibility of loop composition combined with the power of a world-class sequencer.”

Better loops Future versions of Logic Pro will also include support for an enhanced version of Apple Loops, the open-standard file format for real-time matching of audio loops and sound effects. Apple claims its Apple Loops format offers "richer information than standard audio files".

Thanks to the Apple Loops enhancements, future versions of Logic Pro will be able to import MIDI performance and channel-strip configuration data. These files can be used either as audio loops or software instrument MIDI loops, providing unprecedented flexibility for loop-based composition, claims Apple.

Logic Pro will also be able to import projects from GarageBand, Apple’s new iLife music-making application.