Brian Greenstone, developer of the hit game Nanosaur has released the source code for his game into the public domain. iMac users world-wide are familiar with the game as it has shipped with iMacs since their release in August 1998.

Until recently, Pangea Software has been licensing the source code for the game to other developers at $5000 a shot. Greenstone, however says: "I got rather tired of only seeing source code for PC games on all of the various game developer web sites. He continues: "It was about time someone released some game source that would compile and run on a Mac." His reasons for taking this step? "I hope that this code will be of use to other developers and/or budding game developer wannabes."

The code comes with specific conditions: users are allowed to make changes to the code and recompile games for their own use only; users can also "use small snippets of code" (not to exceed 1000 lines) in their own commercial, shareware or freeware applications. Users are not permitted to post or distribute their own modified versions of Nanosaur, and most importantly, users are strictly prohibited from porting the code to Windows. "Nanosaur and the code are happily Mac-only and we want to keep it that way," notes the disclaimer.