Napster has reached a deal to make its pre-paid music download vouchers available in over 1,000 newsagents.

The company is working with TM Retail, which it calls the UK's largest chain of newsagents and convenience stores. TM retail will distribute Napster Music Vouchers through its network of shops, which include: McColl's, Martin's, Forbuoys, RS McColl and Dillons.

Napster Music Vouchers are colour coded. Green vouchers offer access to Napster's online music subscription service for two months and cost £20, or £35 for four months. Blue vouchers entitle the bearer to take their pick of permanent downloads from Napster in bundles of 10, 22, and 33 tracks at a cost of £10, £20, and £30, respectively.

Napster vice-president and UK general manager Leanne Sharman said: "For those who may be unfamiliar with the internet or perhaps don't have a credit card, Napster Music Vouchers offer a very easy route to the Napster service - giving clear and simple instructions on how to redeem subscriptions and track purchases."