Napster/Roxio chairman and CEO Chris Gorog will deliver a keynote speech in Dublin this morning.

He'll speak at the Creative Financing and Music conference in Dublin, where he will discuss 'The Internet and the Democratization of Music'. He intends to deliver a history lesson focused on the birth of Napster as a legal online music provider. He'll also explain how the emerging distribution channel has cut both costs and the time it takes to bring music to market.

Gorog said: "The music industry is in a transition period from offline distribution to online and it's vitally important we maintain open lines of communications between all parties to ensure everyone benefits.

"I'm very pleased to come to Dublin to share our experiences at Napster and Roxio and to help continue this dialogue. It's also personally rewarding for me to discuss the future of the music industry in the home of such great acts as U2, The Cranberries and Enya and more recently Damien Rice and The Thrills."