Napster and Ericsson have entered a global partnership to offer a fully integrated digital music service to mobile phone operators.

The service will be branded as Napster. It will combine elements of Napster's popular PC offering and Ericsson's personalized music service, "currently utilized by more mobile operators than any other in the world", according to a press statement.

The partners recognise the need for other mobile phone firms to be able to make revenues through the service. As such the business model offers mobile operators a slice of sales revenues.

On a 12-month promise

Europeans should see the service launch in 12 months, with the service also being offered to "select markets" in Europe, Asia, Latin America and North America.,

Napster CEO Chris Gorog said: "Ericsson's world-leading wireless and telecommunications solutions experience, along with their exceptional client base, make them the ideal partner to deepen Napster's presence in the global mobile arena."

Songs for phones work on PCs

The service will support coordinated wireless and PC downloading of digital music in both subscription and a la carte models. Users will be able to access their music on both computers and phones.

"The service scales to current handset models and networks but can also accommodate next-generation technology for newer handsets on higher-speed networks and is designed to work on mobile phones from all major manufacturers that support content protected by digital rights management," the company said.