Napster has released version 1.0 beta 2 of its peer-to-peer music file-sharing application.

The new beta has been Carbonized for Mac OS X, and redesigned to offer a more Aqua-esque user interface. Napster continues to offer search, chat, file sharing and buddy-list features.

The new version implements strong copyright-protection measures, designed to protect Napster against further litigation from the music industry, which claims to act in the interests of artists. However, the beta 2 also offers faster download times and a variety of minor bug fixes.

Obsolete Encouraging users to adopt the new beta, Napster said: "All previous versions of Napster have been disabled. We're making this change as part of our ongoing effort to comply with the court's orders. It will take some time for our new filtering technology to accurately identify files; so initially the number of files available will drop.

"As more users upgrade to the new versions, and more files are identified, more music will become available through Napster." Napster 1.0 beta 2 is available for download.

The company will be launching a subscription-based music file-sharing service later this year. Most recently it announced a deal with a variety of independent music-labels that will enable it to offer tracks from hundreds of artists.