Native Instruments (NI) is offering a new music-production software bundle called NI Komplete. The company has also updated its sampler Kontakt 1.5, and updated professional DJ software Traktor DJ Studio 2.5 – fusing live mixing, remixing, and performing.

The €1499 bundle includes Reaktor Session, with 1,300 user ensembles; Absynth 2 sonic synthesizer; FM7 FM synthesizer; B4 Organ emulator; PRO-53 classic synthesizer emulator; the Kontakt sampler with modular power; Battery for drum sampling; Vokator; and NI-Spektral Delay. Further details are available here.

All NI Komplete products are supported in Mac OS X and OS 9 except for NI-Spektral Delay, Battery and PRO-53, for which Mac OS X updates will be available for free download. NI Komplete can be used both as stand-alone instruments or plug-ins with professional host sequencers.

In Kontakt
New features in Kontakt 1.5 include a newly developed Beat Machine that uses an advanced peak-detection algorithm. Other features include improvements to time-stretching and pitch-shifting engine Time Machine II. It now includes integrated Transient Copy technology for “a more authentic reproduction of a sample's attack phase”, according to the company.

Kontakt 1.5 also offers master tuning control, and support of VST automation. The OS X version can be used stand-alone or as a plug-in with Core Audio, Core MIDI, Audio Units, VST 2.0 and RTAS.

New features in Traktor DJ Studio 2.5 include an advanced time-stretching engine. The company claims this allows tempo changes of up to +/- 30%, and pitch changes of six semitones without audible artefacts.

Traktor DJ Studio 2.5’s interface now displays a full-length track overview for each deck, and can be synchronized to or control other computers or sequencers. Further information about features is available.

NI Komplete and Kontakt 1.5 are available from the NI Online Shop. The Kontakt 1.5 update will be available as a special offer for €29 (direct download) and €49 (boxed version) for the next four weeks, after which it will cost €49 (direct download) and €69 (boxed).

Traktor DJ Studio 2.5 is available at all NI retailers for €199. Registered Traktor users will be able to purchase the update through the NI Online Shop for €49 Euro as a direct download or a €69 boxed version.