Spurred by its singular success selling TV shows through iTunes, NBC Universal has inked a deal with YouTube for legal distribution of shows.

NBC Universal chief marketing officer John Miller confirmed his firm has sold over six million TV shows (at $1.99 each) through the US iTunes Music Store since December 2005.

Miller said the Sci-Fi Channel's Battlestar Galactica, USA Network's Monk and sketches from Saturday Night Live have been among the most popular, while classics such as Alfred Hitchcock Presents have not done as well.

The new deal with YouTube won't offer full shows, instead YouTube users will be able to find selected promotional clips from across the company catalogue, hosted on a special NBC page.

The distinction between television and video is becoming murkier and murkier," said Miller. "Rather than putting our heads in the sand and saying this doesn't exist, we're trying to jump in and embrace it."

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