NEC Mitsubishi has released three monitors – the Multi Sync CRT S95F, the Diamond Pro CRT 2045u and the Multisync LCD 1800.

The Multi Sync S95F is based on an ultra-flat picture tube. It has a 19-inch dot mask tube and a diagonal screen size of 45.8cm.

The monitor has a resolution of 1280-x-1024 pixels with an 85Hz refresh rate. The model’s dimensions are 442-x-453-x-455mm and it weighs 22Kg.

The Diamond Pro 2045u - also a CRT monitor comes equipped with a Diamondtron-NF (Natural Flat) tube, which has an improved aperture grille.

It has a maximum resolution of 2048-x-1536 at a refresh rate of 75Hz, and a recommended resolution of 1600-x-1200 at a refresh rate of 95Hz. The S95F monitor costs £249.

The Diamond Pro 2045u is plug-&-play and is equipped with two upstream and three downstream USB-ports. The Diamond Pro 2045u costs £719, and comes with a three year pan-European warranty with 24-hour on-site service in the UK.

The NEC MS LCD 1800 has an 18.1-inch LCD display and features a new colour algorithm. As well as the primary colours – red, green and blue – basic printing colours such as yellow, magenta and cyan may be set individually using an on-screen menu.

The LCD1800 is a wide angle TFT display with a pixel pitch of 0.28mm and has a maximum resolution of 1280-x-1024 at 75Hz. The LCD monitor costs £1,669.