Box-office smash Finding Nemo is credited with helping Pixar quadruple its fourth-quarter earnings.

The company, whose CEO is Apple's Steve Jobs, reported net income of $84 million, compared to $17 million in the same quarter last year. This profit compares with Apple's most recent quarterly result of $63 million.

The results were announced in a conference call with analysts. During the call Jobs also spoke of Pixar's recent decision to stop working with Disney. Jobs said: "Disney is weak creatively and unwilling to compromise."

He added: "The truth is that there has been little creative collaboration with Disney for years. You can compare the creative quality of Pixar films with the creative quality of Disney's last three films and judge each company's creative ability yourselves.

"The Pixar brand has become more powerful in animation than the Disney brand. Every major studio has expressed interest in working with Pixar. Negotiations with at least four of them will begin in March and Pixar hopes to have a new deal in place by the fall."

Jobs added: "Honestly, we're sad about it. But I'm confident Pixar's golden age will continue to evolve without missing a beat."