Powernet has begun a campaign to counter the bad publicity received by the Internet industry following security scares and poor commercial results.

Powernet are concerned that security breaches are scaring away potential consumers. The goal of its campaign is to reassure them that the Internet is a safe commercial environment.

David Kerindi, sales and marketing director of Powernet, believes that a large proportion of security breaches are caused by human error. He feels it’s time the Internet industry stopped complaining about bad publicity, and used its own vehicle and expertise to communicate the reality of the situation to its customers.

Expertise He said: "The Internet is the greatest communications tool the world has ever seen, so why isn’t the Internet industry using it to fight its own cause? We are the experts. Our industry has the programmers, the designers, the Internet marketers, the online-communications experts, the connectivity resources and the technology, so why aren’t more Internet companies using its skills to re-educate users and dispel the myths that have been created in the media.

"We should be maximising the Internet’s potential as a method of communicating, educating and changing attitudes – instead of bleating about the media’s portrayal of the state of the industry."

In an attempt to alter consumer’s attitudes to the Internet, Powernet is developing an interactive email system that will send suggested responses to its client base regarding Internet stories, which companies can in turn issue to their customers.

He said, "Internet security scares are hot topics for the media, yet security breaches take place every day in every industry and they go un-reported. While the security of the Internet remains a newsworthy subject, it’s up to e-commerce experts and those working in the industry to ensure that a balanced view is presented."