TunesAtWork is new beta software that claims to allow iTunes users to access their personal iTunes collections remotely over the Internet from their Mac.

The developers describe the software as a: "A specialized Web server that runs on your home Mac and serves Web pages that present your music collection (including non-smart playlists), organized visually much the same as in iTunes itself."

The free software requires Mac OS X, iTunes 4 and a high-speed Internet connection. Users should install the software on their home Mac. It will then gather information about the existing iTunes library and furnish a URL for a Web page on which song-links are displayed.

In an attempt to mitigate abuse of the system, the developers have built the software so it will only serve streaming MP3 files to up to four remote computers. Once that number is reached, it will serve no other machines. Users can clear the list of allowed computers, but the four-computer limit remains.

To listen to the music, users need to have a helper application that can play streamed MP3 files.

The software is beta only and has not been tested by Macworld.