Extensis has launched Preflight Online, the first preflighting system available as a fee-based subscription service.

Preflight Online runs pre-press PDF-file checks for output problems involving fonts, colours, and graphics. For a flat-rate $6,000, printers and publishers can integrate the service into their own Web sites for multi-customer use. This is possible through a Preflight Online browser plug-in that is self-installing, self-configuring and self-updating.

Document inspection takes place on the customers’ machines, eliminating security and bandwidth issues. Other features include batch processing, customisable online help, and a collection function that both shows how to fix document identified problems and groups inspected files. Preflight Online also gives a detailed report in a compressed archive for easy transmission.

After the initial $6,000, each document checked and returned costs $1. However, as the volume of documents increases the price decreases.