A group of academics and IT companies is forming a non-profit Internet think tank that will conduct research and offer education on a host of 'Net-related subjects.

The Internet Policy Institute will be officially unveiled on Tuesday, November 9 during a telephone press conference expected to include Jim Barksdale, former chief executive officer of Netscape Communications, George Vradenberg, senior vice president for global and strategic policy at America Online, Wayne Clough, president of the Georgia Institute of Technology and Kimberly Jenkins, who has been tapped as the institute president.

The Washington DC-based think tank is being formed because there isn't much in the way of independent research and education that can used by policy makers and companies for Internet-related decisions, according to a written statement announcing the press conference. The institute will tackle a broad agenda of subjects, including the Internet's effect on long-term economic growth, and how the 'Net changes government, education and the ways we communicate.