Intego has announced NetBarrier X version 10.0 for Mac OS X.

NetBarrier is Intego's desktop firewall, anti-vandal and Internet filter. The application has been fully rewritten in Cocoa to run natively in Mac OS X. It brings all the functions of the preceeding Mac OS 9 version, and adds several network-management functions, all of these are accessed using the Aqua interface.

Jean-Paul Florencio said: "We are proud to be able to offer our users a real, native OS X version of Intego NetBarrier. This release will confirm NetBarrier's position as the leading personal firewall for Mac, and ensures our users are fully protected on both platforms."

NetBarrier X version 10.0 for Mac OS X is available online from Intego. It costs $59.95. Upgrading from NetBarrier 1.x costs $49.95, upgrading from 2.x costs $39.95. Registered customers who purchased NetBarrier version 2.x on or after September 1, 2001 are eligible to a free copy of the new version, which requires Mac OS X 10.1.1 or better.