Apple has released NetBoot for Mac OS 9.

The software is also provided as an element of Mac OS X 10.2 Server. It allows system administrators to manage mixed networks of OS 9 and OS X Macs using a central server.

This software is identical to the NetBoot for Mac OS 9 software included with Mac OS X Server 10.2.

Administrators can use NetBoot to set-up the applications and default system images that all the client Macs on the network should have. When the remote Macs are booted up, they'll connect to the server and pull those system images, applications, and preferences off the server Mac.

Apple's explanatory notes say: "Early NetBoot capable Macs will not be able to use the feature of obtaining IP addresses from a DHCP server. Newer Macs are all NetBoot-capable, although some will need the latest Open Firmware Update to use DHCP.

"You should run the proper Update on all Macs you plan to use for NetBoot."

The 500MB software download is available from Apple Support.