Netscalibur is launching a Mac-friendly business ISP (Internet Service Provider).

A range of Internet services will be sold through resellers to Macintosh business users.

Targeting customers through resellers is a move to improve brand recognition and increase sales, according to Bob McNinch, managing director of Netscalibur UK. He adds: "We have chosen to deal directly with resellers so we can focus attention on providing the quality services our business users expect."

Apple exclusion McNinch feels that Apple's initiative with Demon to deliver a default ISP for Macintosh users is "to the exclusion" of other Mac ISPs. He claims: "We believe Apple has made a mistake."

He criticises Apple for cutting dealers out of the chain by shipping Apple’s Internet Setup Software on all UK Macs.

McNinch claims: "How does a dealer make money from a company that it can't make repeat business from? Resellers only exist today because customers go back for a bit of toner, or just some advice. This is closed to them in the Thus/Demon relationship."

Netscalibur offers a range of business services, including hosting, broadband connectivity and simple Internet access. The solutions are optimized for businesses supporting five or more users.