Internet World in Los Angeles this week will host the premiere of several technologies aimed at improving the Web experience both for end-users and developers.

A beta version of the Netscape 6 browser will be unveiled by Steve Case, America Online chairman and CEO, during his keynote address Tuesday, according to company officials.

Netscape 6 will have a foundation in Gecko, Netscape's standard-based browser technology. Netscape 6 will replace the Netscape Navigator 4.x browser line.

Tribal rivalry Tribal Voice will demonstrate its PowWow 4 IM (instant messaging) client, which last year was embroiled in IM interoperability battles with, which will release its new ZY modules this week. The modules are user-configurable items of content that can be reconfigured, changed, and placed on any Web page by inserting a single line of HTML.

Speed Content delivery will continue to play a large role at Internet World as faster Web site performance becomes the rallying cry of e-commerce companies around the world.

Akamai Technologies will unveil improvements to FreeFlow Streaming - its streaming media content-delivery solution - and add to its portfolio a new streaming media application.