Netscape Communications today announced the newest version of its browser-suite software, Communicator 4.7.

The suite includes Netscape's Navigator browser, Messenger, Composer, AOL Instant Messenger 3.0, Netscape Radio, RealPlayer G2, Flash Player 4.0, Winamp 2.5 (Windows only), PalmPilot Synch tools (Windows only) and multimedia plug-ins, according to Netscape, an America Online subsidiary.

A new [email protected] button (part of America Online's "[email protected]" shopping destination) has been included to provide one-click access to 17 "Commerce Centers" and more than 45 shopping categories. The new Communicator also offers a new Internet-searching capability that allows users to input keywords such as "shop shoes" in the Navigator browser location bar.

The program is free and available for download from Netscape's Web site.