Netscape founder Marc Andreessen has finally ditched Microsoft Windows in favour of a Mac.

A report explains that Andreessen's previous machine, a Lenovo ThinkPad, was proving unstable so he chose to get a new machine, in this case a 15-inch MacBook Pro.

"I used to be a Mac user until 1994," Andreessen said, "now I'm a Mac user again."

Many readers may be surprised the Netscape founder could bring himself to use Microsoft technology. By 1995 the Netscape browser held 80 per cent of the browser market, until the launch of Windows 95 and Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser, which was made available free of charge.

Microsoft worked hard to unseat Netscape from its market lead. The company tied Internet Explorer browser into its operating system and PC manufacturers were forced to offer it as their preferred browser.

The browser wars began, and by 1998 Internet Explorer became the world's most well-used browser. The competition between the two firms ended up in the courts. Microsoft paid new Netscape owner AOL $750 million in May 2003 to settle the anti-trust case.