Today is the tenth anniversary of the Netscape browser.

The first-ever Netscape browser launched on October 13, 1994, heralding testosterone-driven growth in the worldwide Web, and sparking what became known as the browser wars, which ended with years in court for Microsoft and the Department of Justice.

Netscape general manager, Jeremy Liew, said: "As security and increased functionality have become more and more important to people, there has been an active and growing demand for browser choice in the marketplace."

He added: "We're very pleased at the terrific response to the Netscape 7.2 browser, and we have even more exciting plans for the browser going forward."

The first ever iteration of Netscape was created by Silicon Graphics founder, Jim Clark, and NCSA Mosaic research protocol-creator, Marc Andreessen.

The original Netscape browser offered point-and-click network navigation and ran using 14.4kbps modems. Netscape 1.1 shipped in April, 1995. This release added support for tables and other HTML features.