NetValue, the Internet-traffic monitoring group has revealed its figures and findings for worldwide Internet traffic in July.

The figures show the US ahead of the pack, with 49.8 per cent of the US population online. Runner-up is the UK, where 30.8 per cent of the population is connected, or 7.3 million households. 24.7 per cent of German homes and 16.6 per cent of French households are now online.

NetValue claims that though women are a minority on the Net, (46 per cent), they are more active than men online. Females have consistently spent 32 per cent more time online, and have viewed 30 per cent more unique pages than males, the analysts claim.

10.2 million people use the Internet in the UK, of which 40.5 per cent were female. In France, Germany and the UK combined, there are 9.81 million women online.