Network Associates has dissolved its PGP Security business unit, and plans to sell off the division's gateway firewall and encryption products.

PGP's other technologies, including the CyberCop vulnerability assessment tool, PGP VPN, PGP E-Business Server, and PGPfire will be branded and sold as McAfee tools.

The PGP unit, with 250 employees, accounted for about 9 per
cent of revenues at Network Associates. The PGP name was introduced more than a decade ago when Phil Zimmerman developed the Pretty Good Privacy mail encryption product, which was later sold to Network Associates.

McAfee director of marketing Michael Callahan said there were a number of reasons why the security vendor, whose big sellers are antivirus and helpdesk software, wants to sell off the Gauntlet and WebShield firewall/VPN appliances.

Encryption is a "complex" technology, said Callahan, and Network Associates decided it wasn't worth the effort in terms of the returns. The company plans to focus firmly on the desktop market.