Chronos has announced Group Organizer 4.0, claiming it to be the first network organizer for Mac OS X, 9 and 8.

The application offers an Aqua interface for Mac OS X users, and sports a customisable interface.

The company calls it the "Swiss army knife" of productivity software. It includes a calendar, address book, word processor, memo taker, personal diary, telephone dialler and alarm clock.

The application will synchronize with all Palm OS PDAs. It's been developed with particular regard to the needs of workgroups, integrating a client-server design that supports group collaboration. PowerBook users can disconnect from the network, synchronizing any changes when they return to the group.

New features include Administration Wizard, Account Bar, improved security mechanisms supporting access privileges and a Palm Sync set-up Wizard. The Wizards help owners set up their systems quickly. A new feature called Auto-open-accounts lets users specify which public accounts should automatically open when logging in.

Additional features include a built in spellchecker; a resizeable button bar; improved calendar navigation; and improved account handling and navigation facilities. Chronos claims the application is markedly faster than before.

Group Organizer 4.0 requires Mac OS 8.6 or above including Mac OS X. The server software may be installed on either a Mac OS 8.6-9.x computer or a Mac OS X computer.

A 30-day trial version is available for download from the company. Group Organizer 4.0 costs $99.99 per user license; the Server software is free. Registered users of previous versions of the application may upgrade for $59.99 per user license.