Windows users looking for a slick and easy way to dump their PC and move Mac have a new solution to help them migrate data and applications to Apple's platform, PCmover.

Laplink's new product was previously only available for PC-PC migrations, but now exploits Intel Macs and their support of Boot Camp to let Windows users export all their data and applications to the Mac and its Boot Camp partition.

Before PCmover, users abandoning PCs in favour of a Mac faced a major migration challenge. As Apple's own website says: "Quite frankly, the hardest part of setting up a new Mac is figuring out how to get your stuff off of your PC."

PCmover moves files, settings and software programs from an old PC to a new Intel-based Mac, making quick and easy work of the migration. Users can employ USB cables, local or wireless network connections, hard drive or optical media to transfer those files.

Laplink's PCmover is available online and costs $49.95.