O'Reilly Publishing has announced an essential guide for the Christmas stocking of every potential Windows-to-Mac switcher.

The book - "Switching to the Mac: The Missing Manual, Tiger Edition"  - is written by David Pogue (who will be at the Macworld Conference at MacExpo this week) and Adam Goldstein. It costs £17.50.

The writers admit that switching to the Mac is not "all sunshine and bunnies." The Mac is, as they say, "a different machine, running a different operating system, built by a company with a different philosophy - a fanatical perfectionistic/artistic zeal. When it comes to their missions and ideals, Apple and Microsoft have about as much in common as a melon and a shoehorn."

It's not all philosophy. The book offers a crash course in the fundamentals of switching platforms, including transferring data, software and peripherals. It spends extensive time helping Windows users comprehend the simplicity of networking and setting up Internet access on a Mac.

An extensive troubleshooting and installation guide also features in the title.