Apple has updated its Power Mac G4 Cube with a slot-loading CD-RW drive. Prices start at £949 excluding VAT (£1,115 inc. VAT).

“The powerful and stunning G4 Cube is now even more irresistible with the addition of a CD-RW drive and iTunes,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, during his keynote address at Macworld Expo Tokyo this morning. “Now you can have the combination of G4 power, stunning design, and the most amazing entertainment center in the world with iMovie 2 and iTunes,” he added.

The Power Mac G4 Cube’s slot-loading CD-RW drive is located on top for easy access, and a pair of Apple-designed Harman Kardon speakers are included. Apple also includes its iTunes music “jukebox” software. The Power Mac G4 Cube now comes standard with 128MB RAM, up from 64MB in previous models.

Cinema Display's £500 price cut Apple also used Macworld Expo Tokyo to announce that its 22-inch, flat-panel digital Cinema Display is now available for £2,299 ex. VAT (£2,701 inc. VAT) – a price cut of £500.

The new entry-level G4 Cube includes a 450MHz G4 processor, 128MB of RAM, 20GB hard drive, slot-loading CD-RW drive, two FireWire and two USB ports, 10/100BaseT ethernet and 56K modem.

Build-to-order options available on The Apple Store ( include a 500MHz G4, RAM up to 1.5GB, a 32MB Nvidia GEForce2 MX or 32MB ATI Radeon video card, up to 60GB ATA/66 hard disk, slot-loading DVD-ROM drive, AirPort Card and AirPort Base Station, and Harman Kardon SoundSticks speakers and subwoofer.