Airgo Networks is to offer sample versions of its short-range radio-antenna chips, which are capable of doubling the speed of Wi-Fias well as extending its range, the company claims.

The new AGN100 Wi-Fi chipset uses Airgo’s multiple-antenna system to extend the speed at which data can be delivered to a computer by wireless radio signal, to up to 108Mb per second – compared to current Wi-Fi standards of 11 to 54Mbps.

According to the company, the signal can travel from two to six times as far as current Wi-Fi technology, which typically reaches 100 to 150 feet.

Airgo claims the new technology reduces the cost and complexity of WLAN business infrastructure, and can enable high-definition video distribution.

“The Airgo team has removed all the fundamental technical barriers to WLAN adoption such as spotty coverage, limited range, insufficient speeds, inadequate security, and a confusing array of standards,” said Greg Raleigh, chief executive officer of Airgo. “By resolving all of these problems Wi-Fi can finally fulfill the wireless promise of seamless, cost effective and secure home multimedia networks, enterprise data networks and Wi-Fi hotspots.”

The chipset is the world’s first mass-market product to incorporate Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output (MIMO) technology; Airgo’s breakthrough multi-antenna transmission and reception technology, which greatly increases the throughput, range, and reliability of Wi-Fi devices.

“Airgo's MIMO implementation brings a new class of performance to wireless LANs," said Craig J. Mathias, a principal with Ashland, MA-based, wireless advisory firm Farpoint Group. "MIMO is likely the only viable path to significantly improved range and throughput in WLAN systems, both today and in the future.”