Fuji Photo Film and Olympus Optical have developed a new high-capacity Flash memory format for digital cameras called xD-Picture Card.

The format promises to be the smallest of its kind on the market, the companies claim. The media measure just 0.79-x-0.98-x-0.07", and weighs under one-tenth of an ounce – yet the medium can potentially hold up to 8GB storage capacity on a single card.

The companies say the small, high-capacity media will enable them to create sleeker, lighter cameras. Fujifilm and Olympus plan to release cameras integrating the standard this autumn.

PCMCIA and CompactFlash adaptors will be released after these cameras, enabling use of xD-Picture cards in a variety of cameras, and other devices from multiple manufacturers.

At first, 16, 32, 64 and 128MB cards will be released, with a 256MB card planned later this year. The 16 and 32MB cards offer the capacity to record data at 1.3 MB/sec; 64MB cards can record data at 3MB/sec. Both offer read speeds of 5MB/sec.