Robert Iger, the man who is set to step into current Disney CEO Michael Eisner's shoes in September, is keen to re-open talks with Pixar (and Apple) CEO Steve Jobs.

Speaking to Bloomberg News Iger, currently president of Walt Disney, said: "I'd love to open a dialog with Pixar about a continued relationship." He added, "But as I've cautioned a number of people, any relationship we have has to be the right one for the shareholders of the company."

Pixar ended its distribution agreement with Disney at the end of 2003. Pixar currently pays Disney a 12 per cent distribution fee and gets about 38 per cent of the revenue from its films. Disney gets 50 per cent – but shoulders half of the production costs. Jobs is looking for a deal that would allow Pixar to put up all the production costs and take the lion's share of the revenue.