T-mobile will today rollout five mobile phones equipped to download and play digital music.

According to a Reuters report "the technology enables customers to download three CD-quality tracks to their phone".

Rivals Vodafone and O2 have announced similar products – but they have had little market impact, adds Reuters.

Currently, downloads are limited to a catalogue of 500 mobile mixes, or condensed versions lasting beyween 90-120 seconds. Tracks cost £1.50 – more than Apple charges per track on iTunes. The ear-phone handsets will cost £30 for contract customers.

T-Mobile is promising a downloadable catalogue of 250,000 full-length tracks by Christmas, in partnership with Universal, Sony and Warner.

Sony Music senior vice president of new technologies Jim McDermott said: "We believe that music and the mobile space will continue to converge as a lifestyle focal point, and we intend to ensure that our artists realise the full benefit of that convergence.