Apple has upgraded iMix, its playlist creation feature for music fans who want to share their 'good taste' with the iTunes community.

iMix allows anyone to create a list of tracks available on the iTunes Music Store – it is not necessary to own them. This playlist is then posted on the iMix section of the iTunes store. Vistors can then rate iMixes, driving them up or down the charts, and discover new music at the same time.

New additions to the popular section include Most Recent, Featured, staff picks and a running counter – the number of iMixes created so far is 81242 (this figure includes USA, France and Germany as well as the UK's efforts).

iTunes director of programming and label relations Alex Luke told the Denver Post: "We're building a music community now. There's always been a subculture of trading tapes. Playing the DJ is powerful. Some of these mixes clearly took people hours to put together."

Sterling Communications's Paul Forecki said: "iMix is viral marketing, but enthusiastic users are the ones who sell it to other users, not the mother company."