Formac UK has announced two new FireWire hard-drive collections with up to 500GB capacity.

Available sizes are 160GB, 250GB, 320GB and 500GB. Disk Oxygen ships in a white case and uses FireWire 400, while Disk XTR Platinum offers the faster FireWire 800 standard and ships in a silver case. Both devices are compatible with Mac OS X or Windows 98SE, 2000 or XP.

Formac UK general manager David Clarke said: "The new range combines performance with design to create a high-quality storage solution".

The 160GB Disk Oxygen costs £108, while the 250GB model costs £143. These two products offer a 7,200rpm disk, two FireWire 400 interfaces and ships with a two-year warranty. Purchasers will in future be offered an option to double the capacity of their drive, though at extra cost.

Also in the Disk Oxygen range, the £182 320GB or £329 500GB drives. These feature either two 160GB drives or two 250GB drives. As these two products contain dual drives, they are RAID-compatible.

The entry-level FireWire 800 Disk XTR Platinum drives ship in 160GB and 250GB versions that cost £115 and £146 respectively. Both offer two FireWire 800 ports, 7,200rpm platters and carry two-year warranties. As with the Oxygen range, users will be able to add another drive to increase capacity at a later date for a fee.

The dual-drive XTR Platinums offer 320GB and 500GB capacities and cost £183 and £338 respectively. They are also RAID-compatible.

Products ship with a FireWire cable, power supply and user manual. All prices exclude VAT. Products are available from all Formac resellers.