Babya Photo Workshop for Mac has been updated for Intel Macs.

The image editing application uses Apple's built-in Image Units, powerful image-editing tools included within the current version of Mac OS X. Image Units are part of the system's Core Image support, and can be harnessed and used by third-party applications.

The software lets users apply colour control filters, adjust exposure, adjust an image's white point. blend colours, and more.

Tiger includes a plethora of Image Units, such as Blur, Median Blur, Gaussian Blur, Motion Blur and Zoom Blur. It also includes colour adjustment tools, exposure, gamma, hue and posterise controls, amongst many others.

Image Units perform pixel-level operations on image data that results in the creation of a new image. Pixel-level data is processed by the Image Unit, which performs its calculations and returns the new image. It's fast, applies changes only to the pixels within an image that need to be changed, and multiple Image Units can be instructed to work together.

Babya's product manager for digital, Alvin Novick said: "This is an impressive new version of Babya Photo Workshop that's up to two-and-a-half times more faster and less resource-hungry than Babya Photo Workshop on Windows."

Babya Photo Workshop for Macs with Intel processors is available as a free download.