AIM (Apple, IBM, Motorola) Alliance member, IBM has launched its new PowerPC G3 chips, ending weeks of Web speculation. The new chips include stand-alone, high-performance microprocessors, as well as embedded PowerPC chips.

The new PowerPC G3 (750CX and 750Cxe) microprocessors can reach speeds up to 700MHz, using 0.18 micron copper wiring but including just 256K of high-speed on-chip L2 cache. The current G3 includes a full megabyte of L2 cache.

PowerBook possibles The 750CX (pictured here) variant runs between 350MHz and 550MHz. The CXe runs between 500MHz and 700MHz.

Technically, these chips use very little power, and could provide Apple with a path to provide high-speed PowerBooks in the near future. The new G3s also offer the company more options with its iMacs and iBooks.

IBM will introduce more details on its new fleet of chips at the Embedded Processor Forum in San Jose, which begins June 12. More information about the new range is available from here.