Apple's new Power Mac G5s offers a System Migration feature that eases the transition for creative professionals, the company claims.

Apple says the feature allows people to add a Power Mac G5 to a creative studio "without days of downtime configuring a new system".

Apple's Web site states: "The new Mac OS X setup assistant helps you effortlessly move user accounts, system preferences, documents and applications from an old Mac to a new Power Mac G5 – and the transfer is FireWire fast," notes MacFixIt.

According to MacFixIt the feature works thus: "On first boot, you're given the opportunity to connect a FireWire cable between your new G5 and your old Mac.

"The Setup Assistant walks you through various types of files on your old Mac – user folders (and accounts), applications, system add-ons, etc. – and lets you choose whether or not to transfer them to your new G5.

"The Setup Assistant then proceeds to transfer the appropriate files and completes the setup process."