PhotoReviewer 2.0 launched, offers additional iPhoto tools

Stick Software has launched PhotoReviewer 2.0 aimed at those who need to save, rename and juggle lots of photos at a time.

The utility promises better organisational tools with the ability to run through images at "blinding speed". Designed to complement Apple’s iPhoto software, PhotoReviewer can sort photos into different folders and rename them. You can compare images side by side, use the histogram tool to analyse their exposure and contrast, and examine them with the magnifier tool to see their sharpness and focus.

PhotoReviewer 2.0 requires OS X 10.4. and is priced at $15 shareware.

Free e-learning photography tool available online

The first in a series of design tools published by DesignMentor Training, the interactive Photography Exposure Wheel has been released free online.

The work of renowned photographer Ken Milburn, author of Digital Photography: Expert Techniques the Exposure Wheel provides f-stop and shutter settings for a variety of outdoor shooting conditions and film speeds. The tool helps photographers recognise that subtle changes in camera settings can result in dramatic changes that can take a photograph from blasé to brilliant.

BaldGeeks release Geo-Calc 2.0 geometry calculator

BaldGeeks has released Geo-Calc 2.0, a major update to their comprehensive geometry calculator for Mac OS X.

Aiming to be the 'Swiss Army knife' of geometry applications, the Geo-Calc resolves common geometry problems in a variety of situations, from construction, modelling and design, to DIY such as estimating the quantity of carpet, paint, or titles required.

Geo-Calc works out all the measurements, area, perimeter, sides, angles etc, of common geometric shapes. A scaled drawing of each calculated shape is shown with a graph paper background in one drawer, while another shows a history of your previous calculations.

A definition of each shape and the different ways to perform the calculations is also provided. Geo-Calc's shapes include an ellipse, rectangle, triangle, trapezium, parallelogram, polygon, prism, cylinder, cone, pyramid and sphere.

Geo-Calc 2.0 includes a tape drawer listing previous calculations, a graphics drawer containing a scaled rendering of both 2D and 3D shapes and improved support for Spotlight.

Geo-Calc is now Universal binary and costs $14.99 and requires 10.3.9 or later. A fully functioning demo is available for download.