Wacom has launched its next generation of Graphire3 pen tablets, including the Graphire Classic, the Graphire Studio and the Graphire Studio XL.

The upgraded models feature a sapphire-blue metallic casing, and the tablet, pen and mouse have been redesigned to be easier to handle.

Graphire3 products offer an increased resolution of 2,000dpi, double that of the previous generation. Wacom claims this makes for extra precision in photo and video editing and graphics applications.

Other changes include a smaller, ball-free mouse, a detachable, transparent photo frame so users can trace photos or drawings with the pen, and a concealed storage compartment for the pen. The products ship with a translucent pen stand.

The Graphire Pen supports 512 levels of pressure sensitivity – the harder the pen is pressed, the thicker the line and darker the colour becomes on the computer.

The Graphire Classic includes an A6 tablet, a pen and mouse and Corel Painter Classic, which offers over one hundred pressure sensitive painting tools including brushes, chalk, and pens.

The Graphire Studio and the Graphire Studio XL both ship with Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 for photo editing, penPalette LE for enhancing digital images, and ACDSee 1.65 for viewing images and videos in 50 media formats.

The Graphire Studio is A6 size and includes a pen, but lacks the mouse. The Graphire Studio XL is a larger A5 tablet and features the Graphire Pen and Mouse. Wacom believes its larger size consumer graphics tablet will appeal to semi-professional digital photographers and video makers.

The Graphire Classic costs £69.99, the Graphire Studio £99.99 and the Studio XL £179.99. Prices include VAT.
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