Apple is preparing to launch a new G4 iBook, reports claim, but these reports are disputed.

Magazine adverts on the site of UK reseller Dabs reportedly include information about the new iBook G4, The Register claims.

However, Apple and Dabs sources have since assigned the report to a "mistake" on the reseller's server system. While Apple does not comment on unreleased products, sources have indicated that new iBooks are not yet in the frame. The action appears to have been an error on the reseller's part.

The "new" iBook features a 500MHz G4 processor, 60GB hard drive, 256MB memory and a Combo drive. It costs £1,009 (including VAT). It carries a 15-inch screen.

Apple currently offers three iBooks, equipped with either an 800MHz or 900MHz G3 processor. The notebooks – which are equipped with a 12.1 or 14.1-inch screen – cost between £799 and £1,199 (including VAT).

Apple introduced its current iBook range in November 6 2002. The products enjoyed some speed enhancements in April 2003, but this was not publicized by Apple.

The new, all-white iBooks debuted in May 2001. Apple introduced 14-inch iBooks eight months later at Macworld Expo San Francisco in January 2002, increasing processor speed to 700MHz in May 2002.