Apple has upgraded both its professional and consumer portable Macs. The titanium PowerBook G4 and all-white iBook ranges now include faster processors, larger hard drives and improved high-speed graphics.

PowerBook faster from bus up The new PowerBook G4s are available in 550MHz and 667MHz models. The 667MHz PowerBook has a new system bus running at 133MHz (previously 100MHz). The 550MHz model maintains the previous 100MHz system bus. Both models offer built-in Gigabit Ethernet networking – and so are comparable with Apple's professional desktop Power Macs.

Graphics support has been improved with the addition of the ATI Mobility Radeon AGP 4X graphics card, which offers 16MB Double Data Rate (DDR) dedicated Video RAM. 256K of L2 cache (at full processor speed) is also installed.

Maximum hard drive size reaches 48GB in the new configuration PowerBook, and there's a choice of slot-loading DVD-ROM or CD-RW drives. Both Mac OS X 10.1 and Mac OS 9.2.1 are pre-installed on the new pro portables.

"The new Titanium PowerBook G4 is the world’s thinnest and lightest professional notebook, and offers stunning improvements in both video and processor performance," said Greg Joswiak, Apple’s senior director of hardware product marketing. "We’ve made the fastest portable in the world even faster."

Screen size remains at 15.2-inches. The 667MHz model (with 30GB hard drive) comes with 256MB RAM and an AirPort Card pre-installed, and costs £2,199 (all prices exclude VAT). The £1,599 550MHz model (20GB hard drive) offers 128MB RAM and is AirPort-ready (no crad pre-installed). Both offer USB, FireWire, VGA and S-video connectivity. The power adaptor has also been redesigned, though details of this aren't available yet.

Available PowerBook G4 models are:

PowerBook 550MHz, at a suggested retail price of £1,599 - with a 20GB Ultra ATA hard drive, 128MB of RAM, and CD-ROM drive.

PowerBook 667MHz, at a suggested retail price of £2,199 - with a 30GB Ultra ATA hard drive, 256MB of RAM, AirPort Card pre-installed, and DVD-ROM drive;

iBook updates The iBook range has also been updated, with faster G3 processors working at up to 600MHz, a new system bus speed of up to 100MHz, larger hard drives, and 128MB RAM pre-installed as standard across the range. The UK starting price £939. The top of the range DVD-ROM/CD-RW combination drive-enabled iBook has had nearly £100 lopped of its price, now costing £1,275. All models ship with Mac OS X 10.1 and Mac OS 9.2.1 pre-installed.

iBooks are available with either 500MHz or 600MHz G3 processors. The 600MHz model includes a 100MHz system bus. All iBooks offer either a 15GB or 20GB hard drive. CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, or DVD-ROM/CD-RW “Combo” drive models are available.

Other features include a 12.1-inch screen, 256K L2 cache, and graphics support from the ATI Rage Mobility 128 graphics controller with 8MB RAM and AGP 2X. The iBooks have USB, FireWire, VGA out and composite video connectivity, built-in 56K modems, microphones and stereo speakers.

Available iBook models are:

iBook 500MHz, at a suggested retail price of £939 - with a 15GB Ultra ATA hard drive and CD-ROM drive.

iBook 600MHz, at a suggested retail price of £1,105 - with a 15GB Ultra ATA hard drive and DVD-ROM drive.

iBook 600MHz, at a suggested retail price of £1,275 with a 20GB Ultra ATA hard drive and DVD-ROM/CD-RW “Combo” drive.