A redesigned Mac Pro and iMac are in the works at Apple, according to an Apple executive, but the company will not launch them until 2013.

David Pogue, a favourite journalist of late Apple CEO Steve Jobs, writes that he spoke to an Apple executive who confirmed that new models were on the way.

Pogue notes that after the keynote, during which there was no mention of Apple’s desktop line up, some Apple observers expressed concerns that Apple had concluded that the desktop is dead. Pogue bought up his concern with an unnamed Apple executive and was told that “new models and designs are under way, probably for release in 2012”.

The Mac Pro did receive a small update following the keynote.

There were a number of rumours before the keynote that the iMac could, like the new style MacBook Pro, also receive a Retina display update, if Apple does indeed plan such an upgrade to the screen it could be waiting for availability of suitable screens at that size.